American Charcoal Company

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Bone Charcoal:
ACC can supply natural bone charcoal and its derivatives in varying mesh sizes and in varying packaging. Please specify your size requirements and your desired packaging. Our standard packaging is in 50 lb. bags and in 2250 lb., metric ton bulk bags. Bone Charcoal is used for sugar decolorization, water filtration, soil remediation, soil augmentation and fertilization, air filtration, alcohol and mineral spirit filtration, as an absorbent of heavy metals and nuclear isotopes, as a digestive aid and as an animal feed additive.

ACC can also supply spent bone charcoal that has been used for decolorization in cane sugar processing. Spent bone charcoal is an excellent soil additive.

Vegetable Charcoals:
ACC can supply charcoal products made from coconut, coffee, and walnut shells. These high carbon content charcoals are designed for numerous decolorization and purification applications where ash removal is not required.

CR Series:
ACC carries a line of proprietary detergents developed specifically for the removal of carbon deposits. They work especially well in evaporation, distillation, retort and concentrations systems where carbohydrate rich liquids and broths can burn and leave carbon scale behind. Carbon deposits will reduce your process throughput, yield, quality and energy efficiency.

CS Series:
ACC carries a line of fermentation carbon sources. Our propriety blends of lipids provide rich sources of carbon and carbohydrates for both micro and macro nutrition in the biotechnology / fermentation industry.

Target Sourcing:
ACC provides targeted chemical sourcing to our customers who require it. Our target chemical sourcing is the ability to provide our customers commodity products package as the customer wants, at bulk pricing.