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Through strong ties to the sugar industry, American Charcoal Company recognized the need for a new player in the bone charcoal sugar decolorization marketplace. ACC will supply the sugar market with quality products at competitive prices. ACC understands the economics of the sweetener industry, and will work to refine our customers' bottom line. American Charcoal Company has bone charcoal and vegetable charcoal products for all clarification filtration and remediation applications. In addition we have our CR and CS series of products. The CR series are carbon removing detergents that combat built up carbon from equipment used for cooking and concentrating food. The CS series is a line of carbon sources used for fermentation nutrition. American Charcoal Company can also source commodity chemicals in a variety of packages at extremely competitive prices.

Our goal is simply to serve our customers the best we can. Our mission is to provide quality products that meet our customer's requirements 100% of the time.

Company Profile

Bob Hatch, President

Bob Hatch graduated from New Mexico State University with a BS in Limnology. Bob has worked with water quality, waste water and process additives his entire career. After graduation Bob worked for the Oklahoma Water Resources Board on water quality. From government work Bob went into business working in the ammonia industry as head of environmental and power generation units.

Bob founded KABO Chemicals, Inc. in 1992. KABO Chemicals was a full service process chemical company which core products were to control or eliminate foam. KABO produced all chemistries of defoamers and antifoams. KABO had five core markets: sweetener, fermentation, grain processing, food (primarily potato), and mining. It was here that Bob developed his large appreciation and knowledge of the sugar industry. In January of 2002 Bob sold KABO.

After selling KABO Chemicals, Inc. Bob founded and focused his energies into American Charcoal Company, LLC. ACC is dedicated to the sugar marketplace and continues to pursue new markets for bone charcoal and related chemistries.

Craig Giles, Vice President

Craig Giles graduated from the University of Missouri with a BA in Psychology with an emphasis in management.

Craig worked for KABO Chemicals, Inc. from 1995 to 2002. Craig decided that his future was to join American Charcoal. Craig's experience in marketing, management and sales as well as his familiarity with the sweetener, fermentation and food industries will be a strong asset to ACC.

American Charcoal Company is on the Board of Directors of the Sugar Processing Research Institute (SPRI) and is affiliated with other research and marketing groups. We will be active and up to date with the markets that we serve.